College Game Day. The one day a week we all look forward to getting up early, tailgating outside for hours and cheering on our Alma Mater. While this may be the manly-man's sporting event, southern women take pride too (and it shows in our outfits)! This week’s Fashionista is wearing a simple Chevy print frock with tights and classic cowboys boots, which is perfect game day attire.

When deciding what you want to wear to your favorite football team's next big game it’s important that you evaluate the amount of time you will be outside as well as what the weather will be like. This Fashionista picked an outfit that will keep her warm in the breezy afternoon, but also keeps her cool enough to not melt in the hot sunlight.

Want to look this fabulous on your next game day? It’s easy! Try a simple shift dress like this one from Forever 21. Make sure it has sleeves, so you can make a warm transition from afternoon to evening. Add a pair of cute patterned tights to help keep your legs warm throughout the day. You can also find these at Forever 21. My favorite pair are the 20 Denier Stripe Pattern Tights.

Lastly, every southern girl needs a pair of boots! Cowboy boots come in a range of prices and designs. I highly suggest finding a pair you can’t live without and investing in them because not only are they timeless, but they can also be worn with a myriad of outfits in any season. If you don’t have cowboy boots, you can alternatively finish the look off with a pair of flat riding boots. For added warmth on cooler days a scarf in your school colors will look great.

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