Black is an ever-famous classic, basic color that can make any figure look fabulous. During the winter months, it seems that all-black outfits become the norm, and while all black may be easy and chic, sometimes a little pop of color is all you need to liven your look up.

This Fashionista rocked her black miniskirt with black tights and black blazer. She layered a black and cream tank and paired black jewelry and headband with the look. However, she used other accessories to add some color to the monochromatic look. Her printed clutch purse pulls all the colors of the outfit together, proving that such a small, seemingly insignificant detail can create harmony throughout the entire outfit. The print includes black, grey, cream, and purple. From this purse, she could match her tank, belt, and shoes.

The colors are deep enough to be appropriate for fall, and still are eye-catching and interesting. Combining the blazer, skirt, and fun accessories together creates a sophisticated look that is playful at the same time.

When adding pops of color, be sure that the colors match exactly, and do not clash. Do not overwhelm your outfit with too many accessories of one color to allow your outfit to seem effortless. Start with a very simple outfit, in mostly one color. Then, let your accessories do the talking. Including one small printed item allows the opportunity to include a few colors in your outfit. If you find that statement piece first, work backwards by selecting classic pieces to pair with it, making sure the accessory will still be the focus.

Almost any accessory can be added for a pop of color. Find vividly colored pumps, or printed ones to construct your outfit around. Maybe it will be a purse or even hair accessory. Scarves come in every color imaginable and can be simply added to the most basic of looks for some needed color. Adding bright colored tights to an all black outfit is also striking and exciting. The sky is the limit, so have fun with it!

Hint: Jewel tones are perfect colors for fall that are subtle and chic!

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