Men’s footwear options may seem limited in comparison to the wide range of styles, prints and colors that women’s footwear offers. But do not fret, gentlemen, because casual derby and oxford-style shoes are here to save your wardrobe from the same old sneakers and slip-ons.

The great thing about this Fashionisto’s brown leather derby shoes is that they don't look awkward next to his plaid button-down and khakis — in fact, they are the perfect match for this casual-on-the-verge-of-dressy ensemble. That is the beauty of oxfords and derby-style shoes; you can dress them up or down. Plus, ladies love a man with a keen eye for classy footwear.

With the menswear trend in full swing, it is no surprise that oxfords are now made for and look absolutely fabulous on women, too. It's no wonder that these styles of shoes are popping up everywhere. Oxfords and derby-styles are the perfect balance of casual and dressy, and are an asset to any Fashionista/o’s wardrobe.

Daring Fashionistas take a traditionally made-for-menswear trend and make it their own. To recreate this outfit with a feminine edge, sport a pair of khaki skinnies with a plaid button-down and a menswear-inspired watch, then top it all off with a fabulous fedora. Before you know it, you will be ready to get down and derby with the best of them.

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