STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Educated in Schoolgirl Style

I never thought I’d say this, but Britney Spears could give us all a lesson in style. For this fall season one of the hottest trends is the schoolgirl look. Britney Spears definitely pulled that off in her infamous pop music video "Hit Me Baby One More Time." However, Ms. Spears was a little risqué in her video. My advice is to follow this Fashionista's schoolgirl style.

I caught this Fashionista rocking a slimming high waisted khaki skirt, a black one shoulder top, black pumps, and the best part of all: The thigh high socks. Polished and sophisticated, this look is the perfect way to start off your fall semester on campus. Not only is this trend in style, but it’s easy to create. Although this Fashionista chose a high waisted skirt, I would recommend one that has a looser fit. The Vogue Guide to Fall 2010 has a specific section on the this trend. Flip through the pictures, and you’ll see other skirt options that work for this style. I love how this Fashionista paired it with a one shoulder tank top. However, with fall weather comes lower temperatures. Try a long sleeve shirt, or if you want to keep the tank top you could always pair it with a fitted blazer. What brought this look together are the socks. I find them unique and give this outfit some flare. Before I found this Fashionista, I saw socks like these modeled on and fell in love. I’ve also seen socks modeled with oxford flats in catalogues such as

Start the new season off right with some daring over the knee socks and the perfect schoolgirl outfit. Let your school campus be the fall runway and get educated in style!

Hint: For over the knee socks check out these by Falke.

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