One of the best times here is in D.C. is Halloween. Regardless of where you plan on spending Halloween, start your celebration early here on campus. Halloween is no longer a one night event. Instead, students celebrate it throughout the week. Start getting in the sprit by sporting an all black look or festive accessories. This is the season where anyone can get away with just about anything. I saw this Fashionista hanging out in front of Starbucks taking advantage of this festive time of year. It’s hard to pull off a pair of sunglasses well but this Fashionista does it effortlessly.

Dare to wear a wild accessory to class instead of your full on costume or pull out the dark side of your wardrobe. Use celebrities like Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and Rhianna for this pre-Halloween fashion week. Try a pair of black ripped jeans or sparkly leggings with a black lace top. Or a paint on a smoky cat eye with black leather over the knee boots. For a scarier look try a black and white striped shirt with a black vest, skull & bone accesories, and wedged booties. If you are stuck in Gelman and don’t have time to get Halloween ready try a gold glittery nail polish with an all black outfit.

Remember: whatever costume your choose this Halloween season, CollegeFashionista will be watching.

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