This fall and winter season, designers have been getting in touch with their native origins. The Pendleton-inspired trend has been catching on like wild fire. This ethnic look is now popping up on the streets in the form of ponchos, cloaks and oversized bags. Designers have either found inspiration from traditional Mexican rugs, infamous Turkish rugs or Aztec artwork. Who knew that is funky gypsy folklore look would become a hot new trend? A Pendleton-inspired poncho with dark jeans and black leather high-heeled boots or leather sneakers to class is perfect for almost any occasion. Try to balance this rugged look by wearing good quality leather.This Fashionista is sporting a Turkish Oriental rug inspire tote for class. The neutral green cargo jacket tones down the bright colors and makes the outfit fall appropriate. Pendleton and Turkish carpet inspired wardrobe pieces are not only fashion forward but they are also easy to maintain. These materials are made of tough durable materials such as wool or water resistant rayon. Even if you drag these pieces around until they reek, they will still look fresh and ready to wear.

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