STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Schooled On A College Staple

It’s March and beautiful outside. On the first day in the upper-50s, like any other Fashionista, you want to look your best and show off your new spring looks. You carefully piece everything together, deciding to go for all-over color to step out with a bang. So, you grab your pink, cropped knit sweater, your red chino cut-off pants and your nude trench and flats.

Everything looks just right, and you know you’re going to rock those campus sidewalks, but then you realize today is the overly-busy day. Three classes, two meetings and a lunch date means not only are you running around from dusk until dawn, but even more of a problem, there’s too much stuff you need for the entire day to fit into your Longchamp or any other semi-fashionable bag for that matter. Just like that, your outfit dreams are crushed, as you reach for your gray JanSport backpack and try to convince yourself no one will even notice the clash between the typical and above-and-beyond school fashions.

Fortunately, Fashionistas/os have found a solution to this problem with leather backpacks. They’re trendy, big enough to fit everything you need and come in so many varieties there’s surely one for every Fashionista/o.

This Fashionista was spotted walking around north campus with a gorgeous leather backpack she randomly found online via a Google search. One look, and she was in love. It’s a practical solution because it’s huge, big enough to fit any computer plus books, has handles and side pockets for extra storage. Stylistically, it’s a great color. Cognac can virtually match anything, and the gold buckles and other small details add a finishing touch.

This black Coach backpack is sleek and classy, a great choice for Fashionistas/os who prefer a simple and timeless bag. A Paul Smith backpack from ASOS is perfect for Fashionistas who love to play with printed patterns. Finally, something similar to this Pierre Hardy backpack from NET-A-PORTER is suited for Fashionistas/os who always need a pop of color.

No matter a Fashionista/o’s taste, there’s a leather backpack out there for everyone that is ready to rescue us from the most unfortunate style problem: not having a suitable backpack for both school and fashion.

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