This Fashionista’s ruffled cardigan and sweater combo caught my eye during class. I love how she avoids wearing a plain gray T-shirt by choosing one with ruffle accents around the collar. Ruffles along a neckline can add volume, accentuate the bust and, therefore, be extremely flattering. Although, in order for ruffles to be complementary to your figure it is important to make sure they are strategically placed and do not emphasizing unwanted areas. Joie makes a gray ruffle peasant shirt that is similar to this Fashionista’s. For a dressier and more refined look, opt for a silk ruffled shirt. 

Over her ruffles, this Fashionista wears a navy cardigan with white trim. For an unexpected accent, the sweater has gold zippers up the middle and across the pockets on either side. I love how the crew neck sweater leaves room for the ruffles to peak out from atop the collar. Thomas Pink makes a very similar navy and white sweater with the unique embellishment of rough stitching on the pockets. Over her shirt and sweater this Fashionista wears a purple peacoat. The gold buttons on the coat add interest to the classic trend, a similar effect to that of the zippers on her cardigan.

Hint: If you are going to layer pieces in the same color family, choose ones with interesting accents.

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