If you're a music head like me, then summer means LOTS of concerts. Whether you like Drake, Rihanna or Vampire Weekend, it's likely you'll be attending a few concerts before the summer is out, so it's important that you dress comfortably for all the hours you'll be spending on your feet.

This Fashionista wore the perfect concert outfit to an outdoor event last week. Her T-shirt helped her be appropriately casual and still comfortable, while her high-waisted skirt and belt made her look glamourous as ever. The animal print flats she wore added that last touch of fashion to set her apart from the crowd. The best and smartest part of her outfit to me was her tiny cross-body bag. It's big enough to hold all the concert essentials like a camera, money, keys and a cellphone, but small enough to not get in the way while you're enjoying your favorite band. Additionally, it's best not to carry bigger bulkier bags to public venues. We wouldn't want to fall prey to other patrons with itchy fingers!

For a variation on this great look, try these high-waisted shorts or these classic Chuck Taylors. Also, choose from any of these great cross-body bags to stay chic and safe while concert-going.

Hint: Instead of the regular old T-shirt, wear your best band tee. That way you can support your musical idols and still look more glam than grunge.

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