Homecoming weekend in high school meant hunting for the perfect dress. Now in college it’s time to represent your football team by donning your school colors. This Fashionista pulled off a collegiate uniform of red with her cute, fitted, sleeveless dress in a bright rouge hue all the way down to her red painted toes (even her coffee cup matches).

Although what she has on doesn’t say Cornell in huge block letters, her dress is a perfect alternative to the usual hoodie or t-shirt. The outfit is vibrant and full of school spirit, with a slightly flirty feeling.
This may be one of the last few instances of a summer-inspired ensemble, but of course the dress doesn’t have to be stored away until next year. Her dress is versatile in that it can transform into a more upscale look from a casual day piece just by adding tights, a bold necklace, or a fitted little jacket. Layering will also take this Fashionista and her dress from a hot summer to a cool Homecoming to a chilly winter.

To get the look (colored according to your school), Zara offers a similar silhouette here. For slightly more coverage, try this dress from Shopbop here. These dresses can go with sneakers, sandals and heels. They’re neither too short nor too tight, so the day of the game you can concentrate on cheering for your team (and not pulling down your skirt).  

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