August in Boston can sometimes be unbearable. Temperatures peak and the humidity limits my outfit possibilities. Some mornings, I’ll stare blankly at my closet wondering what would be the lightest item of clothing I could throw on to ensure maximum coolness. However, this summer, braids were my saving grace.

With inspiration from Instagram’s instabraid or The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen, there’s no doubt that braids are a great summer trend that can definitely carry into the fall. As a summer staple that always kept me cool, I’m not willing to just let go of them once temperatures drop.

This Fashionista opted for a crown braid to keep cool on this late August day. While transitioning into fall with a long-sleeve, sheer blouse and light jeans, she brings the focus up with a large French braid. It hits the crown of her head like a headband, a great addition to this casual and chic ensemble.

Braids are one of the quickest and easiest ways to spice up an outfit. From a small braid that pins back bangs, to an extravagant double French braid, they can either be an accessory or the highlight of an outfit. The simplicity of a side braid can also change your entire look from daytime to nighttime.

For a seamless transition into September, try these Blank NYC Super Skinny white jeans. Opt for a regular-rise pant for the fall instead of a low-rise pant. This Fashionista understands that tucked shirts work a lot better when paired with regular rise jeans. While it was all about neon last fall, go for a subtle print this fall when rocking an extravagant braid, like this Marni silk crepe, long-sleeve blouse (the ruffles add a hint of femininity too!) or this Walter ivory and black crepe ‘Ellie’ long sleeve blouse.

As far as braids go, go ahead and experiment! My favorite is the waterfall braid because it keeps my bangs out of my face on a hot, muggy day while leaving the length. It looks especially great when paired with a bright sundress. Another easy braid is the fishtail braid that instantly adds to any outfit. As the summer dwindles down, you’ll always be able to hold onto the memory of those balmy evenings with the simple accessory of a summer braid. All you need are a couple of bobby pins and a head full of creativity!

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