If there’s one color that has been catching my eye this summer, it has to be green. From army to emerald to mint, the different hues and shades of green have been dominating the concrete jungle.

This Fashionista caught my eye because she wasn’t afraid to rock such a bold color. This striking shade of green really popped against her skin tone. I think it’s important for every girl to know which colors look great on her. Always go for the colors that make your skin look radiant, like this Fashionista, and try to avoid colors that will wash you out. That’s one of the great things about green! There are so many variations of the color that there truly is a shade for everyone. 

Another reason why this outfit works so well is the brown braided belt. The dress itself is very loose and flowy. It wouldn’t look right to have a very stiff or rigid belt. The slouchines of the braided belt goes perfectly with the dress and really accentuates the movement of it. In my opinion, smaller belts, like this one, are a lot more on trend this summer than the dramatic, oversized waist belts. Less is more, and when you’re wearing such a striking color there really is no need to go for a huge belt that is going to compete for the attention, anyway. I highly suggest checking out thrift stories when it comes to finding little belts like these. You can get something really unique and really timeless for a ridiculously cheap price!

To emulate this Fahsionista’s look, check out this retro dress from J.Crew or this maxi dress from Gap. And no need to worry if you’re not feeling like rocking an entire green ensemble. Try stepping out in some green accessories, like this adorable Kate Spade bag. My favorite green accessory in my own closet is a blazer from Zara. People joke that it looks like the jacket given out at the masters, but it has to be one of my favorite pieces I own. I wear it all the time, and even though the color isn’t the most common for a blazer, it’s definitely my go-to piece. Go green, or go home!


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