School is just around the corner and with the many books, the long library hours and the short coffee breaks comes the preppy look. This season the most important part of the preppy look is the collar.

Already earlier this year we got to see many different variations of the collar, from Peter Pan collars to Puritan collars… we have seen it all. Now that we have gotten somewhat used to the buttoned-up look, it is time to explore how far you can go with it.  While exploring, keep in mind that you never want to look too preppy. You always need to have at least one piece that isn't preppy, because otherwise your look can easily appear boring and everything except new and exciting. Take a hint from the runway fashion, and combine preppy basics with an edgy metalic collar or a great statement shoe (think Jeffrey Campbell). 

This Fashionista here did everything right. She kept everything preppy, but added a cool touch with her aviator sunglasses. The collar and the oxfords are very preppy and go hand in hand with her adorable brown schoolbag. The blue knit is just warm enough to get through the “Windy City” fall and the skirt finishes off the preppy look, while being short enough to keep the look young and exciting.

Besides being an adorbale daytime fall look, the preppy style can also easily be transformed into a somewhat sexier evening look. Just add heels, a blazer and some jewelry, such as a chunky bracelet. You could also simply exchange the blue knit with a transparant blouse (with a great collar, of course!) and you have yourself the perfect evening look for this fall.

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