There’s nothing cuter and more confident than a girl who’s not afraid to look like a geek. While we grew up thinking that glasses are so not cool because they scream “Nerd Alert!” it’s refreshing to know that some people just don’t care about the geeky stereotype that comes with donning a pair of chunky lenses.

Glasses are the perfect accessory because they 1) make you look more sophisticated, and 2) match with anything. This Fashionista looks effortless in her ensemble. What attracted me to her look was her air of confidence. The glasses speak volumes for her. They say, “Hey, look at me” while also allowing her to hide (a little) behind big frames and bask in her smartness.

What’s great about a pair of glasses is that they can draw attention, but also allow the wearer to keep to themselves. Glasses intrigue, but also disguise. Your admirers will be interested in your look because you look so mysterious. These Ray-Ban frames are to die for. If you don't need a prescription (or even if you do), Urban Outfitters has a plethora of fun reading glasses. Feeling extra geeky? Pair a simple blouse under a cardigan with skinny pants and Keds. You'll be sure to look too smart (cool) for school.

I adore the whole outfit, too. The purple tunic ties at the waist and goes perfect with her velvet leggings. Over-the-knee boots are extremely sleek and add to her sophisticated look.

So sometimes it’s actually cool to be a little geeky. Let your freak flag fly!

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