Whether it be on skirts, sweater or leggings, tribal patterns and Aztec prints are a fashion statement we should all make every once and awhile. This Fashionista takes Aztec prints into the fall season with a cardigan that anchors her look. These fearless prints continue to expand in popularity season after season as they are seen on different clothing items. Tribal patterns range from bold colors to different geometrical shapes, and this Fashionista plays it cool with a warm neutral toned theme.

Check out this collection of Aztec looks for more ideas on how to wear this trend similarly to this Fashionista, or try this even more dangerous look. Scared you won’t pull off this look? Try going tribal with your accessories as a starter with shoes, clutches and even your nail art. Also, read this article from Elle with tips on how to wear tribal prints without looking too flashy.

Our featured Fashionista is also wearing a thick lace headband. Turns out she made it herself! Bandiez Couture is a website where Fashionista Christen Edmonds sells her homemade headbands in a range of colors and materials to help fundraise for her mission trips to Swaziland, Africa. Check out her adorable collection to wear with either your trendy looks or your workout clothes.

A little South American feel can go a long way, so be bold and be creative with Aztec prints and tribal patterns.

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