STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Good Checkered Shirts Come in Micro Check

Checkered shirts have been all the rage in the pasts few years. Both guys and girls have exhausted the ways in which you can wear plaid. Many guys have started to wear checked shirts that are generally designated for business meetings as a fashionable addition to shorts and topsiders. We’ve even seen a couple people out there sporting gingham. But lately has anyone noticed that the checks are diminishing in size? According to this Fashionisto, the micro check may be quickly replacing plaid, gingham, or any other square-patterned shirt out there.

Each item in this Fashionisto’s wardrobe is fairly simple. But once combined, his gray-washed jeans, micro check shirt, and shiny combat boots are extremely fashion forward. His last accessory, a pair of blackout sunglasses, adds a final touch of star quality.

Micro check is everywhere, so finding a similar shirt shouldn’t be too challenging. Today’s Fashionisto found his short sleeve micro check shirt at Urban Outfitters. The Gap has a similar option as well as numerous other department stores. It’s up to you to decide if you’re more comfortable with a loose or tight fit.

To complete your look I recommend skinny jeans in a nice dark wash or a pair of khaki pants. Almost any pair of shoes would work including topsiders, combat boots or oxfords. Then, of course, it’s always nice to throw in a showy accessory like a pair of shades or a shiny watch. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing your best buddies wearing micro check. There’s just something whimsical about checks so small you hardly notice them.

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