My own pair of Chucks easily made it to my list of wardrobe essentials because they white, clean, cool, comfortable. But the very reason why I love them is because of their versatility. Today's Fashionista shows us one way of wearing them. She wears her Chucks with a laidback vibe: jean shorts, white tank top, purple cardigan and Chucks. Her outfit is a perfect everyday school attire especially on days when we feel lazy to dress up. The Chucks added a very relaxed, calm and effortless aura to the whole outfit. These shoes are also very versatile since they can be paired with any fashion style and statement. Pink Chucks complement skirts  (try this and this) and dresses (white ones are perfect) while black Chucks undeniably go for the rockstar and punk vibe.

Hint: Personalize your own pair of Chucks on their site

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