In our recent “Exclusive Fashion Insider Video,” stylist Danielle Nachmani admitted to her obsession with Converses during college and how they never left her feet.  I could totally relate myself, as I over abused my Converses during my glory days at Indiana University.

Her comments had me thinking about those staple items that all students wear during college over and over again. It doesn't matter if you are a freshmen or a senior, Converse are those go-to shoes that can bring last minute value to an outfit.

Today's hip Fashionista proved Danielle's and my theory on the obsession with Converses right in her Chuck Taylor All Star high top black shoes. She went for the grunge look by pairing her kicks with short shorts and a graphic T-shirt. Her boyish haircut and oversized black bag were the finishing touches on her cool girl look.

So, this week grab those reliable Converse when you are heading to class. Of all the shoes in your closet, let's be honest, Converse might just trump them all, at least for a CollegeFashionista!

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