STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Goodbye 2011. Hello Red!

Five…four…three…two…one…Happy New Year! Goodbye old, boring and what was, and hello to bigger, brighter and better things — literally. With the start of the New Year I think we can all agree that we’ve made our resolution. I mean let’s face it, our resolutions establish goals for us to become someone new — someone bold, audacious and unsurpassed. Well, Fashionista/os, if this is currently on your list, consider it checked because nothing can be more fearless and tenacious than incorporating a dash of red into your wardrobe to boost your confidence and bring out a new you for 2012.

Today’s Fashionista donned this color perfectly. Who would have thought that Dr. Martens could look so dainty and feminine. I mean anyone who owns a pair of Docs (as they're nicknamed) can attest that it transforms your entire look into something edgy, raw and somewhat grunge-inspired. But I admire this Fashionista for turning that stereotype into her own vintage, delicate and soft style. The fact that these boots are in a cherry color just puts the icing on the cake and really tied the outfit together. She paired them with American Apparel high-waisted jeans, rather than opting out with the usual opaque tights, a '60s inspired cropped button-down shirt with a tie closure and a grey cardigan — absolute perfection.

This Fashionista decided to incorporate red into her outfit with her cherry Docs that popped out particularly when paired with her dark denim. Although it fabulously contrasted the jeans, it definitely complemented the three toned crop top, which flaunted that very vibratious color red. If you’re looking to perk up your outfit like she did, a must have are red accessories — whether you decide to be adventurous with Dr. Martens, giving with TOMS shoes, retro with Kimchi Blue or classy with Chanel. If you feel like opting out in the accessories department, go with some red lipstick to add a sprinkle of sophistication and whole lot of fierceness.

Next time you go shopping, just remember to be optimistic and to step out of your comfort zone. The great thing about the color red is that it is limitless and unbounded. It isn’t defined. It can be sexy, elegant, sophisticated, gutsy and sweet all at the same time. Rearrange it to fit who you are, like this Fashionista so flawlessly did. After all, it’s not just another goal to cross off your resolutions — it’s a toast to new beginnings, a new year, and a new you!


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