STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Gorgeous to the Max

It happens every summer. There is that week or two that we just do not feel like doing anything at all. In these certain periods in the summer, I sometimes find myself lounging all day long imagining a refined immortal somewhere is doing the same because they can afford that luxury. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time to simply lounge all year round, nor do we have the wealth to support all our fashion needs and wants. So, with your college budget, what should you wear for your friend’s party that is coming up next week during these dog days of summer? A maxi dress would work. How about for a walk downtown at the Gaslamp Quarter? A maxi dress could also match the occasion.

Maxi dresses often come in casual materials such as cotton and jersey. Why is it then, when I see someone wearing one of these beauties, they wear it so well that they look like they are the queen of the beach? Maxi dresses make the wearer look graceful and charming as though when they walked, the air that ruffled their dress was air from the ocean that magically spun and wrapped itself around it. The long draped material elongates any body and depending on the type of maxi dress, complements any body type.

If you are already a proud owner of a maxi dress, here are some tips to make your maxi live out its fullest potential. Today’s Fashionista could have easily changed her day dress into occasion dress status if she had, for example, found out about a party at the last minute. Changing her flip flops to some strappy wedge espadrilles is an easy transformative piece she could add to her outfit. Also, a brown woven belt could gussie up this dress, and finally, some long feather earrings or any sort of dangling earrings would spruce up the semblance. Maxi dresses are versatile dresses and it is ultimately up to the wearer to garnish it as she pleases.

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