STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Gradually Springing into New Seasons

We're two weeks into the "spring" semester yet temperatures are still below freezing and sometimes even in the negatives. It seems Mother Nature doesn't want us to retire our puffer jackets, sweatpants, and UGG boots just yet… but I'm starting to think that maybe we can trick the weather into thinking it's time for spring by livening up our daily wardrobe. 

Spring 2011 calls for crop tops and full skirts, but with this weather, we're still in a transition period. This Fashionista's look is perfectly in between the two seasons. Layers are keeping her warm, while the Tiffany-blue lightweight sweater and feminine jewelry beg for the snow to melt and the flowers to begin blooming. The leather jacket and boots counteract the girly-ness with a tougher, military-inspired feel. 

Cheer up your drab winter look with a colorful cardigan or some floral accents, but remember to stay warm by packing on the layers! Leggings, vests, sweaters, leg warmers, and scarves are your best friends for the time being. Remember, what we wear has a big impact on how we feel, and it's time to look forward and get excited for the warm temperatures ahead. 

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