STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Grunge Chic Gets an A+

When your school celebrates Homecoming you’re going to see masses of people in the school colors, and in every type of clothing the bookstore sells. This year try pairing the bookstore finds with something more stylish. Try a little DIY with your T-shirts and hoodies for school spirit, prep them up, or make them a little more grungy and raw.

As this Fashionista was walking home from class I noticed she took scissors to a DePaul T-shirt. She paired it with cigarette skinny black denim and a sleeveless hoodie from American Apparel. The white high top Nikes on bottom pull the outfit together by making everything look bolder. This conveys comfort, with a flare, school spirit, with an edge. Modern grunge pairs hard rock and the street with sexy boots and skinny jeans, seen on people like Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Moss. 

While DePaul University celebrates their Homecoming in the winter, we can still show off some back to school spirit in our wardrobe. Normally I prefer my fellow Fashionistas and students to put some amount of effort into their daily attire but as we’re getting closer to midterms I’ll probably see some people slacking off. Try an oversize pullover sweater instead of a hoodie this fall. Crew necks are more flattering and tend to be quite hip and nerdy.

The back to school preppy look is definitely in, from the oxfords to the cutesy cardigans, to the grungy, slacker “I’ve been up all night doing my paper” look. So jump on board this season, pick up something grungy, or preppy, because both looks are looking fierce.

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