STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Grunge Goes Gentlemen

Remarkable flannel shirts, leather jackets, motorcycle boots and dirty hair created the cheap, but timeless 1990s grunge look that took over Seattle. Nowadays, a stylish man knows exactly how to adopt the classic grunge look, while remaining kempt.

This Fashionsto rocked the streets in plaid. The trendy pattern and slouchy shape of his pants displayed a boyish ease. He opted for a vertical lined gray shirt and threw over a cozy ombré sweater. His layered tops soften the rock ‘n’ roll brought by plaids pants. However, the Fashionisto remains edgy, sporting a pair of earth toned lace-up boots. A black motorcycle jacket enhances the grunge factor.

A pair of plaid pants in dark shades can last a lifetime. If you want to experiment with bright colors or patterns, there is a fine line between being a true Fashionisto and looking utterly ridiculous. Although black leather boots are classic, try other colors to break the monotone. These Topman boots are young and sporty, while this pair from Urban Outfitters offers quality and sophistication. To personalize a grunge look, you cant go wrong with geek-chic frames and a woven scarf.

To snag a pair of authentic grunge pants, and other grunge-worthy items, a local thrift store is the go-to retailer. Take notes from today’s Fashionisto, and use your imagination to revamp the style with poise.

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