In college, it is easy to forget how big of a difference the smallest things can make. We all have deadlines to meet, places to be and of course people to see but, in this rush we can often forget to maintain our hair. Hair has been apart of fashion since the beginning of time. Hair not only reflects the state of our physical health but also our mental health and more importantly, it can either make or break a college Fashionista's or Fashionisto's look. This Fashionista's braided pigtails look super elegant with her fall friendly cardigan and vintage tote. She has created a side part and placed her pigtails toward the front to make her ensemble appear even more fashionable.

Even if you are in a rush to head out for class try this cute yet comfortable look. Regardless of your hair textures or length, this look can work for just about any girl. Or, check out different head wraps and bands. Instead of opting for the conventional way to wear a headband, get creative and wear them in a variety of styles. If you are into a straight looks, invest in a Chi flat iron. Not only are they just as good as the British GHD’s but they also turn hair into silk. If you are having a bad hair day, a slouchy hat that instantly makes any look super trendy. Fashionistos—hair applies to you as well! Even though you might not have as much hair to deal with, a bad head of hair will make head turn regardless. Try Redken’s hair wax to quickly get a fashion forward look. Remember—the simplest things can make the biggest difference.

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