November means leaves falling around campus, Thanksgiving festivities, Parents’ weekend and midterms. While you may have breezed through your classes in September, there is no time to mess around this month.

I spotted today's Fashionista studying for midterms in style. She found just the right studying spot and threw on a casual outfit to hit the books. She wore a wool hat to keep the sun out of her face while studying outdoors (definitely recommend doing this if weather permits). Quite the trendsetter, this Fashionista was using her noggin (no pun intended) when putting together her ensemble.

Hitting the library or coffee shop for your midterm studying? Don't leave your dorm without your favorite hat (here's my fav). This accessory can act as a weapon to hide a bad hair day or to stay focused and block out your “study buddy” as the surf Facebook (and duh).

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