STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Hats Off” to Fedoras

From the West Coast all the way to New York City, the fedora’s appearance is both long lasting and unmistakable. Worn by celebrities across the country, the fedora has the ability to transform any outfit from simple to chic. This accessory, inspired by menswear, can accentuate any outfit whether you're in the city or lying on the beach during the summer months ahead. Whichever location you chose, this is the perfect addition to any look and, as a bonus, provides an extra shield of protection from the sun. The best part is that the fedora can be worn in almost any season, so it’s a great piece to add to any Fashionista’s wardrobe all year round.

Manhattan’s upper west side, away from the hustle and bustle of lower parts of the island, is filled with small boutiques on every corner. With a much slower pace than the rest of the island, it is a perfect place for a late afternoon walk. After work, I spotted this Fashionista on the upper west taking advantage of the beautiful day. Coming from her internship, this Fashionista explained that living in the city inspired her to play around more with the pieces in her wardrobe, such as her recently purchased fedora. Even for Fashionista’s who don’t think they can pull off the fedora, try it before you assume! The fedora comes in many different patterns, colors and shapes. Different color combinations look good with a wide spectrum of outfits so be sure to try a whole range before making a decision. Whatever you choose, just remember that fedoras can be worn with almost anything so just pick the one that’s right for you!

While most Fashionista’s have retired their black jeans in exchange for their white ones, the simplicity of the white blouse and black skinny jeans paired with matching black wedges almost made me forget what season we were in. The contrast of the simple outfit with the bold necklace brought out the shimmer that added a unique twist to her look. So to all those Fashionistas who automatically threw their black jeans into the back of the closet when the warm weather hit: don’t completely forget about them just because summer is officially here. On cool days, they can be the perfect neutral base for a great summer outfit.

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