This Fashionista is still taking advantage of the warm weather and I love it!  Even though the calendar says it is the second week of autumn, shorts are definitely acceptable if you want to keep cool while still looking fashion forward.

Even though I love the destroyed look of her denim minis, what made me stop this Fashionista was her knitted, slouchy hat.  Hats are being seen everywhere from Princess Kate Middleton’s Wedding to the runway. Last year it was all about the fedora.  This season get ready to wear the beanie.  This hat is perfect because it can be worn on a warm day, as seen on this Fashionista, or later in the fall/winter when the chilly season has finally approached us.  I also love how this particular hat is barely noticeable yet still adds a lot to this outfit.  The subtly of its purple color and knit pattern is what is what makes it so enticing.  Sometimes if you are wearing an accessory that is too bold, it takes away from what the essence of the outfit truly is.  The combination of the hat along with the bag and the chunky necklace combine harmoniously together, making a fantastic get-up.  This fall arrangement of top and bottom would be zilch without those three pieces.

Even though the weather may still be warm, black, high-waisted jeans would have went even better with this sheer blouse.  Matchstick black skinnies would scream sophistication and sexiness, especially when worn with a lacey black bandeau underneath her button-down, like this Fashionista is wearing.  We cannot forget that chunky heels would also be an eye-popping addition. 

I know that there are some of you out there who are probably saying that hats are 100 per cent not for you.  But believe me, give them a chance.  Male and female celebs such as hottie Zac Efron and superstar Beyonce are rocking them. What makes you think that you cannot?  Check out Shopbop for some cute, comfy beanies.  Zara is another chic store that features this accessory at an amazing price.

If you think that your outfit is slacking in some area, grab your beanie on your way out to class.  I know that you will feel as confident as ever.

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