Having a bad hair day? Don’t feel like doing much to your hair? Running late? The simple solution to all of your hair woes is a hat. Any type of headpiece will do, actually. Even if one is having a fantastic hair day, feel free to throw on some type of head/hair accessory to add a little va va voom to your outfit. Each hair/head accessory says something different, and can really set a tone for one’s outfit. For example: a large, oversized beanie instantly sets a tone for a hippie-chic, laidback ensemble. Pair it with a nautical top, a black high-waisted skirt and a pair of booties, and you have a great daytime outfit.

This week’s Fashionista experimented with a headscarf. She executes it well; her wavy, beachy hair juxtaposes her scarf perfectly. There is something about a headscarf that screams old Hollywood, and how convenient that we are a hop, skip and a jump away from the chaotic neighborhood of Los Angeles. They add a little touch of sophistication without losing any sense of youth. For this Fashionista, she uses a lightly faded cheetah print scarf paired with a mesh-like sweater. She then adds a pair of cuffed denim shorts and her worn TOMS shoes. To complete the outfit, she wears a dark red lipstick to pull the look together.

Looking for a great headscarf? Try one that has a vintage feel. Hermès and Pucci are obviously the masters to all headscarves, so anything in that realm will take you a long way. Not into scarves? Try a headband that replicates a head wrap. It will instantly add a little glamour to your outfit. Pair it with a great maxi dress and some strappy sandals. Add a simple necklace, and call it a great summer day outfit.

Headscarves are a great way to add a little refinement to an everyday outfit. They’re easy to throw on, and can go with any type of hairstyle. Experiment with different colors and patterns. You can never go wrong with color; don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

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