STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Head into Fall in Style

Despite Eugene’s hippie-esque reputation, there are some serious “glamoristas” on campus. Stilletos, cocktail rings, and mini skirts are far more popular than one might think. 

Accessories make or break an outfit. Period. They can be an inexpensive way to completely transform a look and expand possibilities within a wardrobe. I am reluctant to admit, however, that this has been a semi-recent revelation for me. I used to have trouble spending money on jewelry or scarves when I could buy a new top or jeans instead. But it has, indeed, become a new obsession and now I’m on the constant lookout.

This Fashionista shows how to glam up an outfit in one of the most inexpensive ways possible. These headbands are everywhere right now, and in so many incredible variations. They are perfect for showcasing beautiful, curled locks or simply covering up a bad hair day. In all of its be-jeweled, sparkling, glory, I am in l.o.v.e.

Hint:  This is a super easy DIY project! Whoo hoo! There are step-by-step instructions online like this one, or you can copy one you already own.

If you’re not too crazy about hot glue guns and beads, here are some gorgeous handmade headbands from Etsy or, my personal favorite, The Glamourai (an online blogger who makes amazing jewelry).

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