Finding this Fashionista was the equivalent of discovering a needle in a haystack, the golden ticket in a Wonka bar or Lindsay Lohan out of court. From the front, her outfit is deceiving; from the back her outfit is stupefying. This Fashionista pairs black skinny jeans with a black chiffon heart cut-out top from LF Stores. If the heart detailing were not striking enough, she aggrandizes the shock factor by wearing her top over a sequin tank. These sequins are scintillating, dazzling and entrancingly unexpected. Sequins not only provide dimension against her cotton top, underscoring the outline and shape of the heart, but also foster a sense of flow. Had this Fashionista worn a mainstay bandeau underneath instead, she would have created a jarring hindrance in the heart, depreciating its shape and surprise.

Amplify your cut-out clothing with unexpected details as this Fashionista did. Mix fabrics to create depth within the layers, or pair complementary colors for a proclamation of attention. Cut-outs also make for the perfect excuse to wear those tanks that have become too short or downright look much to awkward to wear on their own. And those cut-out dresses you’ve worn once to a club or date party? Convert them to daywear by covering your skin with a thin printed tank worn underneath. Complete this transformation with a pair of flats or booties and no one will know you were wearing the same dress while dancing on tables the night before (kidding, at least take it to the dry cleaner first).

So for those days you’d like to devise an effortless surprise, take a cue from this Fashionista and couple your basic cut-outs with prints, sequins and color; your look will be the prize of everyone’s eyes.

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