My mother’s final words to me as she dropped me off at college this semester were, “Take care of yourself.” Although such a nonspecific pleasantry can hold a range of meanings left up to interpretation, to me it meant to put yourself together and to stay smart when taking to the streets, particularly in the evening, while in a metropolitan city. I’m not the type of girl to carry around pepper spray, but my size and demeanor may suggest that I am easily impressionable. Therefore, lately I have been rather attracted to the “good girl gone bad” look made memorable by the stylistic collections of Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang.

The key to this look is to essentially make oneself appear more masculine. I never thought my tenth grade English teacher would be proud of me, but as Lady Macbeth says, “Unsex me here”, she is referring to abandoning such considerably effeminate attributes like being emotional and vulnerable in order to become more bold and masculine. But still, I am not looking to a fictional 17th century character for fashion inspiration. Contemporary fashion icons such as Jane Birkin, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung personify this boyish, tough girl look by wearing blazers, shapeless t-shirts, briefcase-esque purses, tailored slacks and loafers.

This Fashionista interpreted the look by pairing a crisp white blazer from Zara with Sam Edelman loafers, all over a black on black ensemble. This tough girl persona is only accentuated by her choice of accents, like the studs on her shoes and the chain of her purse. She chose to lighten up her outfit with a playful, floral scarf.

Her shoes are inspired by the classic “Rollerball Spikes” by Christian Louboutin, but you can get the look for less with UNIF’s new “Hell-Raiser” loafers, available in black or pink for men and women. Men may inspire us, but girls run the world.

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