As October rolls around and temperatures begin to drop, I find myself reaching for my scarves, thick, yummy sweaters and flat leather boots. It seems this Fashionista shares my gravitation toward all things fall. Her gray cotton dress looks perfect under her light green men's blazer, white and pink scarf, and cool vintage pearl and gold necklace. I also love her brown buckeled motorcycle boots; the distressed leather has a hip, vintage vibe. Get a similar look for fall by combining this graphic dress with a draped wool sweater, a vintage brass and pearl necklace, and a great pair of distressed brown leather boots. If after all these layers your still cold, socks would be a really fun accessory to add to this outfit. Try these thigh-highs from shop bop, they're incredibly cute and sexy. You can check out this website for some thigh-high inspiration.

P.S. Fall is a great time to get the last days of wear out of your favorite summery dress. To do this, just throw on a thick sweater and boots and your dress will effortlessly transition into the colder months. This Fashionista managed to wear her cute gray sundress in October, so you can too!

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