STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Her Own Brand of Russian Kitsch

I love it when people know who they are and are truly comfortable being and expressing themselves. They exude a particular kind of confidence, joy and contentment. My friend, Trizha, an Advertising major, is one such person. She is very artistically inclined and this is evident in her personal dress sense. Most of her clothes are purchased from thrift stores and her outfits never fail to bewilder me by their sheer, unbridled and unapologetic indie-ness. I love how she puts things together according to her mood and always pulls everything off so flawlessly.

This Fashionista wore a vintage headband around her head — she found it lying around her house and discovered that it was her grandmother's. Her lace top and jumper were from a thrift store and the clogs were just borrowed from a friend. She reminded me so much of Matroyshka dolls and how cute, timeless and kitschy they are. 

Hint: A huge chunk of personal style comes from learning and exploring. Read, travel, watch films, try new food, learn to paint; these activities may not seem to have anything to do with personal style, but they are actually a heavy influence! Trawling websites such as this one (Sea of Shoes, Garance Doré, Bryanboy and The Sartorialist to name a few, are my favorites) will also give you plenty of ideas and help you realize what you like and what you don't like. Checking out thrift stores (eBay is my all-time favorite online thrift haunt) can also be a source of style inspiration and provide you with a means to be whoever you want to be, at any budget. And, above all, remember that style is so much more than what you wear — style is your personal philosophy in life, as exemplified by, but not limited to, your sartorial choices. 

P.S. I've included one of her paintings, for your viewing pleasure!

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