Considered fashions most underrated accessory and is redolent of class and mystery, the fedora has been making its full fledge high fashion comeback. The felt hat is the accessory choice for dapper dressers for decades and while its the boys who traditionally laid claim to this style, it has also made its appearance on numerous Fashionistas worldwide. 

This Fashionista, looking exceptionally fashion-forward, with everything from her tie-dye print tee to her bright red bag to black combat boots, showed just how great the fedora can be. While she would certainly still have looked impeccably dressed without it, the fedora is the perfect piece to tie her entire look together. By staying away from statement jewelry pieces, she allows the fedora to take center stage, giving her the chic yet modern style that many aspire to have. 

Fedoras are not as easy to come by as other accessory pieces, but I have selected a few that I believe may satisfy your headwear needs. I love the stark contrast between the cream and black in this Toyo braid fedora from Shopbop. This Panama fedora by Juicy Couture achieves a very similar look. I also know that J.Crew stores are currently selling some at budget-friendly prices, so be sure to check those out before they go out of sale. Regardless, fedoras are universally revered as they can really take an outfit to a whole new level. Whether you are having a bad hair day and want a quick coverup or want that little extra dash of spontaneity, fedoras are a great way to update your summer wardrobe. Pair with your favorite breezy summer dress or a simple white tee and denim cut-ouffs, and you will surely be one to be remembered.

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