Dressing yourself isn’t easy. So many things to put on, so many different options and apparently it’s frowned upon to consistently forget to wear underwear. All of this can become very tiring and annoying. One thing that really irks me is that in order to be considered fashion conscious and stylish you have to look like you’re straight from 1950s counter-culture or an American Apparel catalogue. An asymmetrical side part haircut is encouraged as well. Now, Jack Kerouac seemed like a pretty cool dude, I do occasionally shop at American Apparel and goofy haircuts are always fun to look at, but this whole guise of originality when you are actually dressing like everyone else is pretty played out — especially on college campuses.

I am not some counter-culture hater, and actually identify myself as more of a critic of the status quo, but for these reasons it can be refreshing to notice somebody who looks “normal” from time to time. This isn’t a knock on our Fashionisto, it’s a compliment. He isn’t trying too hard and looks good doing it. I could discuss how his outfit makes him look like an upstanding young man or how he basks in the summer sun, but what I want to discuss is his jewelry. Guys, all of you should own a watch. And I’m not talking about the velcro one you still occasionally wear that you got in fifth grade. But seriously, odds are if you are visiting this site you are in college and expect to be a contributing member of society someday. You should look like it. A nice watch can help you in this quest and displays that you are a punctual individual with things to do. Even if both of these attributes don’t apply to you, no one else needs to know that.

Macy’s is a great place to begin your search. They have what seems like millions of options that vary in price as well as formality. The same rule applies for Nordstrom. Oh, and if you want to fantasize about owning one of your own or if you are a trust fund baby, check out Rolex.

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