Sometimes it’s easy to find ourselves in the habit of wearing safe and simple outfits knowing it won’t draw attention for any bad reasons but at the same time doesn’t draw much praise either. With all of our inner Fashoionistas crying out for attention, the easiest remedy to fulfill these undying needs is with an unexpected, high contrast ensemble. My style advice of this week is to mix a simple light colored top with contrasting colors for an extra pop.

I spotted this Fashionista shopping at a local mall and her outfit caught my eye immediately. The mix of her sweet and delicate white tunic and the black leggings and black leather boots is so intriguing. The color combinations, though essentially a basic black and white, create extra interest much like the ever-so-popular color blocking that’s huge right now. The white and black are so bold that it breaks up the body and is a sure fire attention grabber. I also love that fact that her tunic, despite the color, seems sheer and fresh attributing to even more contrast against the dark colored tights and boots.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look for yourself, try stopping at Forever 21. Currently they have a huge collection of light airy peasant-style tops that are revamped to fit with the '70s revival trend that’s been present recently. I particularly love this floral crochet tunic in cream. Match with your basic pair of black tights and these awesome black leather boots to finish your look.

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