A big overall trend this summer throughout fashion magazines has been retro flair. Going retro is not always easy to incorporate into an everyday outfit, but a great way to incorporate this trend this summer is through high waisted shorts. While high waists sometimes can be tricky, when fitted correctly it can create an overall flattering look by cinching your waist. Also by adding a belt, you can increase this “cinching” effect.

High waisted shorts can be paired with lots of different tops such as crop-tops, creating a casual, effortless look, or a nice collared blouse, making a more dressed up look. Pairing this item with heels can create a long and slim look for your legs, which is great especially for petite girls. This look is really effortless, but creates a very put together effect. You don’t have to break the bank to find a really nicely made and well-fitted pair.

Check out stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and ASOS that offer a huge variety of different styles. High waisted shorts can also now take you into the winter months creating a very chic look by pairing them with tights. It’s always great to find an item that you can use pretty much year round.

There are tons of great new styles of high waisted shorts now available such as lace, fitted, loose, printed and sailor shorts. Like this Fashionista, try finding a great bright colored pair of high waisted shorts to really make the look feel like summer. Whether your personal style is preppy, hipster, boho or trendy there is a pair of high waisted shorts out there perfect for you!

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