STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hints of an Art Student

It’s the season of giving, Fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but I never have any idea what I want for Christmas. However, I love homemade gifts to give and to receive. I know every Fashionista has at least one creative bone in her body — hello, your awesome style! I think what makes someone’s style so interesting is their creativity in how they put something together. What makes someone’s style even more interesting is the ability to mix and match pieces that shouldn’t go together, but end up looking so right. Style shouldn’t be calculated or perfect because that seems highly unrealistic. Allow yourself to be creative with your wardrobe.

Take this Fashionista for instance. She has many creative bones in her body considering she is an art student. I really appreciate her offbeat sense of style — it stands out in the best way possible. She mentioned that many of the pieces she was wearing were gifts from people she loves. Her friend made her scarf and her dad gave her the furry hat. Christmas gift ideas, anyone? She rocked a funky print coat, skinny jeans, and comfy sweaters. Her laidback ensemble is comfortable, but noticeable because of the color and texture. Sounds a bit like a painting, no?

To emulate this offbeat attitude, I suggest adding a bit of fur (faux only, please) to your wardrobe. You can try a hat, a bag, or even a bold coat. You could also incorporate a mixture of colors that complement each other and scream originality. You can put all of those bits of your wardrobe that were gifted to you to some good. If you have a scarf or hat that’s been shoved to the back of your closet, take it out and see how you can revamp it. Can it be worked in with your favorite current outfits? Can you add some sort of embellishment to it so that it reflects your personality? Take time to appreciate what’s been given to you and get creative with it. Regardless of how you mix up your wardrobe this winter, remember to do it with an edge that incorporates creativity and innovation. Who says your wardrobe can’t be a masterpiece?

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