Since moving to the city, I have become a lover of the hipster fashion.  While knowing it has always existed, it's so much more exciting to see the real thing around Columbia's campus.  While going to school in Ohio, I found guys fashion to be boring and redundant.  Yes, a Lacoste polo and khakis looks nice, but it's just not exciting. It isn't pushing boundaries.  While many people poke fun at the hipster fashion, I think they are what is leading the fashion scene today.  What they wear today and make us turn our heads and think, "Hm, is that working?"  will most likely be what every guy and girl wants next year.  My Fashionisto below is rocking a plaid dress shirt and chic oxfords, both great staples, but by rolling up the cuffs of his jeans he makes the outfit that much more his own, that much more interesting.  Finding little quirks of your own to add to your style is a great way to personalize your style.

My advice for the look of the week…try this jean button down over a plaid (but plaid is still fabulous of course).  PS- this look is great on men AND women so go for it ladies with these vintage flats.

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