STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hop into Spring with Fun Prints and Patterns

Spotted in her jacket and light wash shorts, this Fashionista is ready for spring and knows how to dress for it. Her military green jacket covers her leopard cardigan and basic tee. I like the contrast of the leopard style of the cardigan and the military style of the jacket. Creating contrast (which I am sure you know by now) is something that always makes an outfit creative and different. To combat the light wind, this Fashionista threw on a grey circle scarf. This Fashionista tucked her cardigan into her light wash denim jean shorts and paired them with dark grey leggings and black wedge booties.

An outfit of this sort is the perfect spring transition outfit. There are pieces of it that are light enough for the warm weather, but incase mother nature decides to go back to the winter weather for a bit, you would be prepared. Other great pieces to add to your wardrobe would be a maxi dress or skirt. They give the appearance of an elongated body.

With her back pack in tow, this Fashionista is ready for class. She is not overdressed yet not underdressed either. She knows how to work many parts of her wardrobe into her ensemble without creating a look that's too overwhelming. 

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