Upon my visit to the pretentious, but wonderful streets of Beverly Hills, California, I encountered what I thought to be the only acceptable plaid attire that also did not resemble the product of the recent hipster phenomenon. The disclaimer to wearing plaid is that not all plaid is wearable; but to put it simply, t’s all about the color combinations. Chances are, If you are new to the plaid territory, it would be best to avoid these color combinations:

1. Red & White: You could look like a picnic table

2. Red & Green: You could look like Christmas ribbon.

3. Purple & Gold: Are you a Lakers fan? What?

4. Black and Yellow: Do you sting people? Because that’s what a bumblebee would do. Also, you are also not a caution tape or traffic sign.

5. Rainbow Plaid: Plaid is already an eye-attracting pattern… pulling off the colors of the rainbow on your body in color-block form will be especially difficult.

Of course, I am merely warning about these color combinations. If you are obsessed with a plaid item of a certain color, feel free to explore! Fashion is all about self-expression and if you feel like something is YOU then do it!

What we can first lurk, then like, and ultimately love about these plaid-donning dudes is their tangible effortlessness and comfort in their clothing. I can just remember the 4-inch platforms I wore on that day and my feelings of jealousy of their easy clothing. These hip (but not too hip) Fashionistos were casually perusing the streets of LA in their uptown Ray-Ban shades (they were legit, I checked) and downtown comfortable sneakers.

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