If there's one thing I love more than shoes, it's purses. But the question remains: what kind of purse? With all of the different sizes, shapes and styles out there, it's easy for any Fashionista to be overwhelmed.

Would you wear one pair of shoes the rest of your life? Or a pair of running shoes with a dress to a club? Probably not (even though it's harder to find trends these days that don't work). Same goes for purses — a Fashionista needs an appropriate purse for every outfit. That's why, after four years of school, don't be too surprised when you see just as many purses as shoes in your closet.

Today's Fashionista rocks the perfect bag for school. Gone are the days Fashionistas/os carry books to class. Her medium-sized bag not only makes a statement, but also gives this back-to-school must-have a little personality. A medium-sized bag is perfect for carrying your day-to-day essentials and doesn't get in the way when you're stuck on a crowded subway (ugh). With the contrasting yellow and magenta colors, it's also the perfect way to color block an outfit.

Try going for a bold colored purse this fall for your day-to-day bag. Not only will it brighten up any classroom, but who knows whose eye you'll catch? Plus, we all need a bit of summer to hold onto as we get into the colder months.

Thank you to everyone who read my posts summer — I've had an amazing first semester with the CollegeFashionista family! Don't forget to follow my posts as I start writing for Boston University in the fall, and have a fabulous rest of the summer!

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