STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I’m Going Out With My Boots On

I love fall for three reasons, it is seasonally appropriate for me to douse my room in “Orchard Cider” Febreze (I may or may not do this year round), pureed pumpkin becomes widely available in grocery stores (bakers rejoice!), and finally, the weather permits me to wear boots Boots are easily my favorite fall accessory. There is simply nothing better than zipping my feet into a pair of tall, pebbled leather, chocolate brown riding boots. My favorite autumn look? A slightly oversized white oxford, personalized with a powder blue monogram on the left breast pocket, paired with seamed black leggings and finally, tucked into a pair of classic riding boots.

The beauty of fall boots is their luxe versatility. The extremely wide range of heights, colors and rich decorative accents available makes them aesthetically appealing to every variety of Fashionista. Edgy? Last spring Chanel showed lust worthy, menswear inspired moto-booties. Trendy? Prada flirted with the decade du jour debuting a set of mod, snake skin knee high’s. Classic?  Tommy Hilfiger played right into my fantasies sending a beautiful, structured pair of cognac leather boots down his Fall 2011 runways.

This Fashionista embraces the ease with which boots can pull many components of an outfit together. The light brown duo dress up her simple black leggings and slub tiedye T-shirt, but don’t distract from the effortless cool vibe that her leather jacket is giving off.  Assorted silver rings and a quirky drop earring lend metallic shine to this Fashionista’s otherwise accessory free outfit. Looking for a pair (or pairs?!) of chic, accessible boots to work into absolutely every single one of your fall fashion endeavors? My current must haves include; a black western inspired set, classic grey buckled knee-highs and sassy brown, flannel lined foldovers. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die.”

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