From Coachella to Columbia’s own Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ, outdoor summer music festivals are a hub for trendsetters. They are the perfect place to soak up the sun, listen to your favorite tunes and find style inspiration from fellow Fashionistas. While at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago last weekend, I spotted this Fashionista whose eye-catching leopard bandeau stands out against a primarily black outfit. Follow her lead, and beat the heat with this popular festival undergarment.

Let’s get one thing clear: summer music festivals are hot. Very hot. Every component of your outfit should take this into consideration. A loose, sheer tank top or a cut-off oversized T-shirt are just two options that will keep the heat off your back. This Fashionista wears a vintage T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This trend can easily be mimicked. Just take a trip to your local thrift store, find a T-shirt that suits your style, and snip away! Then pair your creation with a bandeau bra, the perfect solution to any low-cut or sheer shirt.

The bandeau bra is not merely for summer music festivals though. The strapless undergarment can be worn both alone and under revealing clothing. A patterned bandeau looks great peaking out underneath sheer clothing. Forever 21 offers a variety of patterned bandeaus perfect for the CollegeFashionista budget, including this floral version. For those who want their bandeau to blend in with their top, I suggest a solid color. American Apparel offers several basic styles of the undergarment as well as the vibrant version worn by this Fashionista. For those brave enough to wear the strapless undergarment by itself, look for a more decorated style. Pair this feminine version by Free People with a high-waist skirt for a breezy festival look.

Do keep in mind that the bandeau bra is merely a thin, stretchy pair of fabric, much like a tube top. Unfortunately, this means it does not offer much support. For women who are busty, try a bandeau with underwire. Although it does not come in a fun pattern, this style will provide more support than the average bandeau.

Next time you need a lightweight layer for your sheer garment, turn to the bandeau bra. Incorporate this summer’s trendiest undergarment into your festival attire, and your style will be rocking harder than your favorite band.

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As it starts to get wetter and cooler around the La Trobe campus and Melbourne heads into winter, more and more Fashionistas are bringing out the stockings, leggings and leg warmers. The best Fashionistas find alternatives to tracksuit pants and jeans in winter – you can still look good and be warm!

Today's Fashionsta looked uber-cool in a heavily-patterned and buttoned to-the-top shirt with a high-waisted skirt, stockings and vintage blundstones. Looking as though she should be following around the likes of The Beatles or ABBA as a groupie, she managed to stand out and remain warm and comfortable on a dreary day. By tucking in her shirt, the high-waisted skirt elongates her legs and accentuates her slim frame. The patterned shirt adds detail and breaks up an otherwise all-black outfit, creating movement within her ensemble that catches the eye. The vintage blundstones are perfect for trucking around campus in winter; they are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and warm, and are perfect with any vintage outfit.

Simple accessories such as a plain black leather bag and tortoiseshell Ray-Ban sunglasses complement her "I'm with the band" attitude and don't detract from the rest of her outfit. Sweeping her hair over to one side completes her rockstar appearance.

Hint: Ankle length boots are perfect for winter. They can be worn with almost anything and perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry. Try wearing ankle boots with a heel when you have to go somewhere more formal.

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This week Fashionistas, I'm so far out of my comfort zone! Sipping coffee on campus, hitting the treadmill in the gym, gossiping over cocktails with friends – I've got fail-proof outfits for each and every one of my usual activities. This week though, I'm on a dissertation placement in a school, running around after children. One day in, and the massive ladder in my tights is telling my that a dress and cardi combo wasn't working. So, back to basics, I need to regroup. Think smart casual.

Turning to my wardrobe, there's a band t-shirt to get me through any situation. This Radiohead one is a favourite of mine, and teamed with smart jeans and a blazer (they're still having a huge fashion moment) it's effortless chic to start the school day. Something comfortable that you can move around in, and if it's got paint down it by the time the bell rings, then it'll be

It got me thinking about the huge versatility of the band T-shirt. A trend embraced by Fashionistas and Fashionistos across the UK and US, it's an effortlessly cool way of expressing yourself. Whether you choose some iconic album artwork, show you're keeping ahead of the trends with a rising star band, or pick up a slightly disheveled vintage offering. Right now, dress them under layers – a band t-shirt under a cardigan or blazer looks great for guys and girls alike, and team with denim shorts and hit the beach come summer. Wear with lots of accessories, and unleash your inner rock star.

Hint: This is a great chance to try out your customising skills! Add some sequins or beads to really make the shirt your own, or try applying studs to give your chosen band t-shirt some edge? Get creative!

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