STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Determine the Details

The city of Chicago runs the gamut of neighborhood personalities. There's the Gold Coast, with its designer label wearing socialites (miniature dogs in tow); there's Bucktown, with its artsy musicians wearing plaid button-ups and thick rimmed glasses; and then there's the Financial District in the Loop, where the majority of people are suited up in business wear with their Blackberries pressed against their cheek. 

The Financial District is where I found today's Fashionista. Like many of us college interns, this Fashionista has a responsibility of being in business casual (at the least) every day at the office. Typically, business casual entails a conservative look, oftentimes including plenty of cardigans, tailored pants, and lots of dark colors. What drew me to this Fashionista was her summery, classic way of going about business casual. While her skirt, blouse, and nude flats wasn't a combination to lust over, it was her crisp accessories that told me she had a mind of fashion. 

The two-tone Michael Kors watch today's Fashionista is wearing is a more formal version of the popular chunky white watch we always see. While it can still be worn with jeans and a tank, the mix of silver and gold adds a bit of sophistication to any look. Her gold flower studs add the perfect amount of summery spirit.

There's plenty of other accessories that are acceptable in a business-casual environment. Personally I love stacks of pearls. The jewel is a timeless classic that is both glamorous yet conservative. Turquoise is also a great summery alternative to your normal accessories. Try to stay away from feathers and bib necklaces, as they're a bit too flashy for the workplace. I also highly recommend investing in a watch, not only does it make you look more professional, but it's a piece of jewelry that is always practical. 

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