Internship season has arrived. Whether you're running to the subway in New York City or driving to Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, you want to look professional and fashionable. This can be a difficult balance sometimes. Today's Fashionista shows how to make a classic black pencil skirt her own, with a little pattern and metallic accessories.

Her zebra printed top adds a subtle flair to her professional attire. The print is bold, but kept classy by sticking with black and white. Going sleeveless is perfect for summer and the high-neckline is appropriate for any office. Black heels, an office must-have, continue the professional vibe. Now being professional isn't all clear cut black and  white, this Fashionista adds another flair with her metallic platimum pocketbook. Big enough to hold the days necessities — a planner, water bottle and coffee money, it makes the look youthful.

Hint: Want to find your professional look? Feel free to start with a simple pencil skirt like this Fashionista. Your personal style won’t be lost if you use colors, patterns and jewelry. If pencil skirts aren't your forte, go for a cute (but professional) sundress. Just make sure the neckline isn't to low or the hem-line too high. Dress pants can be a little warm during the summer months, but if your internship requires it opt for a cute sleeveless shirt and open-toed pumps!

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