STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Intertwining Seasonal Trends

Last time I checked, fall was a time for rich, leaf-like colors, but according to the latest Doneger and Toby reports, this fall season brings bold jewel tones as well as another color that may be a bit surprising: white. White brings to mind sunkissed skin, the beach and on a completely opposite note, winter. Although fall fashion sometimes is lumped in with winter, maybe this season the fashion gods are trying to prolong the steamy, carefree summer by incorporating a signature summer color into the fall season.

With Chicago weather being such a tease: cold enough to pull out those trench coats and tall boots one day, and the next shedding all excess layers, thankfully there is a thing called compromise, which this Fashionista showcases. Combining a great pair of dark-washed denim and a white, summer-like top is unexpected for fall, but with jeans always being a staple and a white top in everyone’s closet already, this look is on trend and super easy to replicate!

The accessories this Fashionista chose are what gives that extra oomf to her look. From the layered look of her arm party to her great brown leather carry-all bag, this goes to show that accessorizing is something that you shouldn’t skimp out on. In order to recreate a look similar to this, look no further than your very own closet! Everyone should have their favorite pair of classic dark jeans which they can pair with a white top of your choice. I recommend going with a top that has that X-factor to add some interest to your outfit, something like this sequined peter pan collared top. From there, choose the accessories that will best complement the rest of your outfit. Try what this Fashionista did and pile on the bangles and bracelets, add a stellar leather bag and you’ll be good to go!

Just remember, fashion doesn’t always have to be complex, the most current trends could very well be hanging in your closet already!

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