STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s All About the Dress

This week’s style advice is for all of you minimalists out there. I’m talking to all the Fashionistas who swoon over the chance of finding one article of clothing that can speak for itself. Maybe you don’t want to kiss all your accessories goodbye, but you truly only need one or two small additions to make this trend work. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m talking about the all-powerful maxi dress. It was all the rage a couple seasons ago, but recently not many people have been daring enough to bring it back.

This week’s Fashionista proves that the maxi dress can still be a classic. She looks like royalty in her long sleeved emerald green assemble. Her simple yet sophisticated red beaded headband and leather moccasins add just the right touch to complement her dress.

The maxi-dress selected by our Fashionista is as basic as they come, straight from American Apparel. If you go to their online store you can find the dress in a large array of colors, which make styling a breeze. The wonderful thing about her selection is that you can wear it nearly any way you want. Try it cinched with a belt, spruced up with some chunky jewelry, or even paired with countless types of jackets and shrugs. However you decide to style it, the simple elegance of a dress that nearly sweeps the floor is hard to mess up. For some advice on what kind of shoes fit best check out Style Guru Abby Adesanya’s blog post back in December.

Just remember once you put that maxi dress on, you’re sure to stand out, so always wear your dress with pride.

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