This fall there has been no shortage of vests seen around our campuses. This hipster Fashionista wore a distressed vest at Berkeley, while this University of Toronto Fashionista choose a denim vest to complete her "I'm with the band" look. Both Fashionistas used their vest as an accent piece to their already fashionable ensemble.

Today's Fashionista was right inline with accessorizing her outfit with a vest. While she easily could have worn just a striped shirt and black skinnies, she choose to add on a tailored vest for an alternative look.

What's the perk of a vest? It can accentuate or hide flaws on your midriff that you might want to show or conceal. Fashion is all about being true to your body and shape, which by adding a vest can help you accomplish the right look. Deciding to go denim, silk or cotton is just a simple choice. Once you've determine that vests are a good extension to your wardrobe, finding the right one is a piece of cake! 

Hint: This week on CollegeFashionista our focus is capturing individuals who know how to show school spirit in a fashionable way. Adding a vest over your basic campus T-shirt is an excellent way to jazz up that classic wardrobe staple while being fashion savvy at the same time. Try it out this weekend at your football game! 

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