STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s Always Sunny in Storrs

Mustard. One of the most versatile tones in fashion, in my opinion. It is sure add a bit of quirkiness as well as color, flavor and overall brightness to any outfit when balanced. I have caught a few Fashionistas waking around campus sporting this beautiful hue in the past year I have been writing for CollegeFashionista, however what made this Fashionista’s flawless mustard get-up stand out was her bold and sunny coat.

'Tis the season for coats, and rocking a cropped, mustard, button-up peacoat, this Fashionista truly makes a phenomenal winter statement (I particularly loved the unique cuffed sleeve design!). She matches her coat with a pair of mustard flats. She balances this bright color with soft blue tones in a two-piece dress. Her top is a cropped and solid royal blue, while her skirt is a light blue floral pattern. She finishes off her outfit with a matching floral headband and black tights.

This Fashionista’s finished ensemble is not only a bold and original outfit, it is also coherent in its color matching (not to mention weather-approapriate!). She makes sure not to make her look “overbright” by countering the mustard with more muted tones. And she also depicts a good mix between solids and patterns.

Keep all these hints in mind when putting together your sunny outfits this week, Fashionistas/os! Stay warm, like this Fashionista, but add a bit of a mustard touch to your looks to fight off the cold air, colorwise at least. Coats are definitely a good way to make a striking mustard statement. Ladies, if you are looking for a piece, why not try this pale mustard coat from Anthropologie? Fashionistos, if you'd like an mustard outerwear item, I suggest you try out a sexy corduroy sportscoat like this one from Brooks Brothers. Or why not a simple pair of mustard cords or black suede oxfords with a mustard touch? It's up to you, Fashionistas/os, to add as much “sun” to your outfit as you want. However, make sure to have a good balance and don't overdo it!

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